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Karla Oman is pleased to announce her new website: karlaoman.com - easier to navigate, and full of information! Please check it out by clicking here.
Karla's mission remains the same: creating a yoga practice that is just right for you - no one is too young, too old - or too anything!
There are so many aspects to a yoga practice. It can go beyond the physical practice of the different poses, or asanas (pronounced Ah suh nuhz) by adding meditation, breath work (pranayama, pronounced Prah nuh Yah muh), and much more. Our goal is to make yoga accessible to you today.
You don't have to be a flexible noodle in order to practice yoga
. And practice is what it's about. For practicing the physical asanas, we evaluate and co-create a practice that is customized for you, one that is realistic, builds in a safe way from the beginning, and moves into sequencing - or flow - as your experience grows.
If you are flexible, but not strong, we work on strength. If you are strong, but not flexible, we work on flexibility.
We always incorporate warm-ups to ensure safe practice, as well as proper alignment.  If one of your desires is to learn about yoga philosophy, enhancing your spiritual practice, or more, I am here to help. No matter where you live, there are many resources locally as well as globally.

Find out more at karlaoman.com - make your possibilities a reality! 


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Karla completed the 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, Inc. 200-hour Teacher Training in April 2010, and is registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT.

Completed Essential Yoga Therapy's Advanced Studies (July 2011).

Starting Essential Yoga Therapy's 500-hour Teacher Training September 2011, completion date November 2012.

Member IAYT.




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